Kitchen Design Example - Project 1

Thought/Design Process

Slide 1 ... Home Visit

  • A visit to the clients home allowed me to measure the room accurately and take a brief of the kitchen appliances required and other design related requirements.
  • The kitchen has been enlarged by knocking down internal walls, with a large run of exterior "Bi-Fold" doors leading on to a Patio area of the garden.
  • Existing drains require any "wet" appliance will need to be placed against the top wall of the plan (as shown) and to the right hand side - there were no more limitations to the design.
Slide 2 ... Early Layout Thoughts
  • This is a good size room where all of the products can be placed without appearing cramped.
  • The long run of Bi-Fold doors dictate the overall design
  • The wall at the top of the plan is easily long enough to accommodate the majority of the kitchen, with an island set central to this.
  • A dining table for 8 people is a fair size and it would be good to position this in plenty of space adjacent to the garden.
  • The casual seating area utilises the rest of the space
Slide 3 ... The Kitchen Design (Plan)
  • For plumbing purposes the Sink & Dishwasher need to be positioned in the top RH corner
  • This means the "tall appliances" need to be sited in the top LH corner
  • The Pull-Out Larder to the LH side of the F/Freezer allows the F/Freezer door to open fully
  • Placing a "Top Box" over the F/Freezer allows this to be integrated into the design
  • The island size (2900/1250mm) can be made from a single slab, without joins
  • The island will contain mainly deep drawers for storage
  • The island seating area provides comfortable space for three casual diners
  • The large table provides diners will uninterrupted view of the garden
  • The room size allows for a large seating area and wall mounted TV
  • Placing the Wine Cooler on the island "back" provides good access to the dining table
Slide 4 ... The Main Run (Elevation)
  • At over 6m long the main wall provides ample space for the main kitchen run
  • Being an outside wall there is no problem with drainage for the Sink and ducting for the Cooker Hood
  • A full Glass Splashback can be made without joins - no electrical socket where required as these where all placed on the end of the island
Slide 5 ... Island front
  • The front of the island will consist entirely of three drawer chests
  • This will provide ample storage space for necessary cooking utensils, small kitchen appliances, day to day crockery, and food
Slide 6 ... Island rear
  • The rear of the island provides a two drawer chest - for Crockery for the Dining Table
  • The Wine Cooler adds some interest to this side and provides good access for the Dining area
  • Reduced depth cabinets under the seating area are not the most accessible - but give additional storage
Slide 7 ... Kitchen Image
  • The overall design contains all of the customer appliance, storage, and style requirements
  • It provides for a lot of storage, some large appliances, and all seating requirements without appearing to clutter the room

Customer Brief

  • Large Island to include seating for 3
  • Dining Table for 8
  • American Fridge Freezer with Ice Making
  • 1100mm Dual Fuel Range Cooker + Cooker Hood
  • Tall Bank to include Pull-Out Larder and Compact Oven/Microwave
  • Wine Cooler - dual zone
  • Integrated Dishwasher
  • Belfast Sink
  • Glass Display Wall Cabinet
  • Open Book Shelves
  • Dark Grey 30mm Quartz Worktop
  • Lighter Grey 20mm Quartz Worktop on Island
  • Glass Splashback
  • Kitchen door style - Cream Hi-Gloss "flat slab" door

You can find details regarding my Independent Kitchen Design Service here ... Kitchen design

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