Project 2 - Remote Kitchen Design Service

Thought / Design Process

Slide 1 ... Room Dimensions

  • Room Dimensions and Design Brief emailed by client
  • Note - Ceiling height over 3m (900mm high Wall Units to be utilised)
  • Existing Chimney Breast to remain
  • Decorative brickwork support column to be built into open walk-through

Slide 2 ... Early thoughts

  • The existing chimney breast dictates the position of the Aga
  • A standard "U" shaped layout with a central Island will work well here
  • With the AGA position fixed the "Tall" items will be best positioned on the opposite wall
  • The bottom wall of the "U" can contain the "decorative" items
  • Client would prefer the Sink and Dishwasher placed within the Island

Slide 3 ... The Kitchen Design (Plan)

  • The Bottom of the "U" can be made an exact metric size by altering the base corner cabinet corner post Dimensions
  • This will allow for perfect symmetry at the end of the room
  • The Chimney Breast will require to be padded out (width) to accommodate the design
  • The space around the Island is 1100mm each side which is more than comfortable
  • All items listed in the Customer Brief have been accommodated

Slide 4 ... Elevation 1

  • The AGA position is fixed
  • The Mantle will be made from false doors - planted over the chimney breast side cheeks
  • The Glass Worktop Dresser's fit within the LH alcove, with the Wine Racks being made to fit the remaining space
  • The base cabinets either side of the AGA will need to be reduced in depth
  • The 150mm Pull-Out to the RH corner is perfect for internal hanging of Oven Gloves and Tea Towels

Slide 5 ... Elevation 2

  • The run here can be made perfectly symmetrical
  • Glass Cabinets for displaying clients China
  • Wicker Baskets for vegetable storage
  • Pilasters placed either side of the Base Drawers and Wall Plate Rack provide a decorative effect
  • Base Corner Cabinets to contain "Cantilever Trays" for easy access into the corner

Slide 6 ... Elevation 3

  • The requirement for double larders works by surrounding the American Fridge Freezer
  • Existing plumbing allows the free-standing Washing Machine can be tucked into the corner (out of site from the dining room

Slide 7 ... Island Front

  • The Sink is offset to allow a good size prep area to the side
  • The free-standing Dishwasher is out of site from the open area of the room
  • Base Pilaster’s at each end provide for a decorative finish

Slide 8 ... Island Back

  • Seating area sufficient for three stools
  • Base Pilaster’s at each end provide for a decorative finish

Slide 9 ... Kitchen Image 1

  • As expressed previously - a perfectly symmetrical far wall
  • Visible from the rest of the open plan room this is the decorative end of the kitchen
  • A good mix of storage and display space
  • Designed to be the main work area

Slide 10 ... Kitchen Image 2

  • The Aga, with it's over mantle, spans the chimney breast perfectly
  • The Worktop Dresser's provide loads of display area
  • Enough Wine storage for anyone

Slide 11 ... Kitchen Image 3

  • The American Fridge Freezer sits nicely between the two double larders
  • The Larders provide masses of food and crockery storage
  • The free-standing Washing Machine is unobtrusive in the corner

You can find details regarding my Remote Kitchen Design Service here ... Remote Kitchen design

Customer Brief

  • Very traditional design
  • In-Frame Shaker Type Doors in French Grey
  • Central Island to have seating for three
  • Double Larders
  • Wine Rack
  • Open Shelves
  • Worktop Dresser Cabinets
  • Decorative Pilasters
  • Glass Display Cabinets
  • Wicker Vegetable Baskets
  • Plate Rack
  • Aga Cooker with "Over Mantle"
  • American Fridge Freezer
  • Free-standing Dishwasher
  • Free-standing Washing Machine
  • Belfast Sink
  • Black Granite Worktop

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