Project 3 - Kitchen Plan Checking Service

A bit of background

This design was emailed to me for checking by a client in Wolverhampton - who was about to purchase the kitchen (at a cost of £14,437.60) from one of the "National" Kitchen Retailers in his local area.

To save the blushes of the Retailer (and Designer) concerned I have copied the plan on to my planning system to remove all traces of the company concerned.

My client confirmed their kitchen designer had visited to take measurements, and nothing had changed within the room since the time of his visit.

My suspicions where aroused by two "exact" metric wall measurements - and though, whilst this is possible, my experience tells me it is highly unlikely.

Before checking over this plan I asked my client to measure the walls, ceiling height, window cill height, and Boiler position exactly - which revealed some error's in the design which would have been very expensive to rectify during the installation process.

Checking Process

Slide 1 ... Room Dimensions

  • The room Dimensions where emailed by client
  • Note - Ceiling height is NOT 2300mm as shown - the ceiling is not level and drops off towards the Hob Wall - the low point being 2280mm from the floor
  • Wall 2 & 3 are NOT the Dimensions shown (are slightly smaller) - but this will not affect the design as this lack of space can be taken up by adjusting the width of the two base corner cabinets

Slide 2 ... The Design from the retailer

  • Traditional "U" Shape Design
  • Boiler boxed in by wall cabinet
  • Sink nicely positioned in front of window
  • Plenty of worktop area
  • All appliances incorporated into design - see Customer Brief
  • Pan drawers set under Bi-Fold wall cabinets

Slide 3 ... A 3D view showing:

  • Cabinets
  • Worktops

Slide 4 ... Another 3D view showing:

  • Gas Hob
  • Integrated Hood
  • Pan Drawers
  • Bi-Folding Wall Cabinets

Slide 5 ... Another 3D view showing:

  • Fridge Freezer
  • Oven
  • Microwave
  • Boiler Cabinet

Slide 6 ... Elevation 1 ... the problems start here!

  • Notation 1. The boiler hangs down below the wall cabinet due to its relative position on the wall
  • Notation 2. The handle of the 300mm wall cabinet will hit the side cheek of the adjacent oven housing preventing it from opening fully - and potentially damaging the Oven Decorative End Panel
  • Notation 3. This is not the correct configuration of doors for a 70:30 Fridge Freezer

Slide 7 ... Elevation 2 ... the problems now escalate!

  • Notation 4. The 1 + 1/2 bowl sink does not fit into a 500mm wide base cabinet (needs 600mm width) - this can be achieved by altering the size of the two base cabinet doors

Slide 8 ... Elevation 3 ... just when you thought it couldn't get worse!

  • Notation 5. By "over-planting" the decorative wall end panels either side of the Cooker Hood the internal width is now 564mm - this contravenes Gas Safe Regulations and no Gas Safe Engineer will connect the hob
  • Notation 6. The ceiling height here is 2280mm - the Bi-Fold wall cabinets need a clearance of at least 180mm above to open fully - these doors will hit the ceiling before opening fully


On first glance the kitchen design fits the bill on all fronts.

However some simple (basic) planning area's make this a potential disaster waiting to happen.

If this kitchen had been purchased none of these problems would have come to light until the installation commenced - and whilst there is nothing here that cannot be overcome it would have caused inevitable costly delays.

It is often overlooked that most kitchen retailers place the responsibility of checking the measurements squarely upon your shoulders - whether they have measured it themselves, or not!

In Summary

Be very careful about what you buy as things may not be as simple as they seem

If you are unsure about anything to do with your kitchen design, parts list, or contract ... always check before buying!

However, you may appreciate I have picked this one Kitchen Plan Checking example (from one of many hundreds I have completed) as it clearly highlights what can go wrong ... thankfully they are not all as bad as this!

You can find details of my Kitchen Plan Checking Service here ... Kitchen Plan Check

Customer Brief

  • Cream Shaker Style Kitchen Doors
  • Black Granite Worktop
  • 1 + 1/2 Bowl Under Mounted Sink + Mixer Tap
  • 70:30 Integrated Fridge Freezer
  • Single Oven to be set at into tall housing
  • Compact Oven/Microwave to be set into tall housing
  • 4 Burner Gas Hob
  • Integrated Hood
  • Fully Integrated Dishwasher
  • Fully Integrated Washer/Dryer
  • Boiler to be boxed into wall cabinet
  • Pan Drawers where possible
  • "Linear" B-Fold Lift Up wall cabinets where possible

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