Kitchen Plan Checking

My Kitchen Plan Checking Service can be broken down into three parts:

  1. The Information I need from you
  2. The Checks I carry out for you
  3. The Report I will send you

The information I need from you ...

In order to check over your new kitchen design I will need you to send me this basic information (by email) - If this is difficult for you to do please [ contact me ] so we can sort out another method

  • Your Kitchen Plan - with measurements, including your ceiling height
  • Elevation / Perspective Views would be great - but not necessary
  • Kitchen Supplier Details (e.g. Magnet, Wickes, Local Showroom, etc.)
  • Any itemised Parts list / Quotation you have received
  • Kitchen Range Name
  • Type of Worktop (e.g. Granite - 30mm Thickness) - Copy of any Specialist Worktop quote would be great
  • A List of all Kitchen Appliances to be included (e.g. 900mm Range Cooker, Built Under Fridge, 5 Burner Gas Hob, etc.)
  • The type of Sink/Tap you are going to buy (e.g. Single Bowl, Stainless Steel, Under-Mounted)
  • The Type of Handle (Knob, D Handle, Bar Handle etc.) - and whether horizontal or vertical

If I need anymore information than this I can always contact you.

If you don't understand any of the above please [ contact me ] and I'll explain further.

The checks I carry out for you ...

Upon receipt of your information I will check your design for a number of things:

  • The Cabinets will fit within each wall length
  • The Cabinets will fit under the ceiling height or any supporting beam height
  • All Decorative Cabinet End Panels have been included
  • Any required Base Support Panels have been included
  • All Appliance Housings are the correct height / type
  • The lengths of any Cornice, Light Pelmet, and Plinth have been calculated correctly
  • The Worktop lengths and depths have been calculated correctly
  • Any Base Corner Cabinet includes the required corner post
  • The Appliances are the correct type (Built-In or Built-Under)
  • The Sink will fit into the sink base cabinet shown
  • Any specialist Worktop has been quoted for properly
  • The Parts List corresponds to the plan
  • The Kitchen has been designed in the most economical way

The Report I will send you ...

After looking over your information I will make an assessment of the feasibility and completeness of the kitchen design.

I will summarise this in a report to you - suggesting points you may need to consider before making your purchase.

If I cannot find any problem with the design I will tell you so - and not charge my fee.

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