Kitchen Regulations ... Electrical

Kitchen Electrical Regulations

There are electrical regulations you need to adhere too when fitting a kitchen in the UK.

Namely, your kitchen installation has to comply with "Part P" of the current Building Regulations.

I'm no Electrician - but in a nutshell your kitchen electrical system needs to be protected by R.C.D devices to stop you from electrocuting yourself.

Any electrical works carried out during your kitchen installation have to be completed by a "competent" person, and certified upon completion.

These works are then "notified" to the electricians certifying body - and you will receive a certificate to say the has been completed and approved.

NOTE! if your current kitchen electrical system is more than 5 years old ... it is very likely to require upgrade works.

Please seek the advice of a "competent" person before commencing any electrical works in your kitchen - to check if compliance requires additional works.

"Part P" ?

Would you like to see the Government Part P regulations?